Pinot Noir

The grapes from 2˚ vineyard are hand-harvested and trucked up to Wanaka where the wines are carefully hand crafted by Dan and Sarah-Kate Dineen at the Maude Winery.  The fruit is generally left to cool off overnight before going through the de-stemming process.   Very traditional fermentation takes place in open-topped tanks which are hand plunged.  Indigenous yeasts begin the cycle and a portion of whole bunch, lignified stalks and all, is included in each fermenter to add special flavours and put the tannins to good use.  The juice is left on the skins for a month to allow tannin development prior to gentle basket pressing.

Maturation takes place in French oak barriques of which 40% are new.  After about 10 months and with minimal filtration and fining, the wine is bottled almost a year after harvest. The bottles have a stelven cap closure.


Once de-stemmed, the grapes are very gently pressed and left on the skins for only 24 hours to give the rose blush from which the wine takes its name.  The juice is then put into a stainless steel tank where a cold fermentation process takes place over a period of approximately three months.  The wine is then bottled and closed with a stelven cap and allowed to rest until release before Christmas of the same year of harvest.